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"...but what I really want to do is direct..."

The Greeley Garage Sale Theatre is developing a new model of selecting shows. We would like to select a director for a season of two shows, one in late summer and the other in January or February. Historically, the GGST production council has selected a show and a partner organization and then sought a director to lead the show. Moving forward we are interested in selecting a director first, then working with that person to select shows.

If possible, we would like to secure the services of one director for two consecutive shows (though we are open to directors interested in a single production).

In the past, proceeds from our late summer show have gone to benefit a partner organization while proceeds from the winter show have benefited the Theatre. We have usually sought shows with smaller casts, simple sets, more thought-provoking shows in the summer, and lighthearted fare in the winter.

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