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Coming Soon: a new space!
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After 10 years, nine outdoor shows, dozens of coats of paint and thousands upon thousands of boards and screws, the time has come to create a new space.

Designed by our own Jen Ford, the new space will be larger, more versatile, and equipped with electricity!

We need lots of lumber! We anticipate a total cost of approximately $20,000 to cover materials for our new structure.  Would you be willing to make a tax-deductible donation to Family of Christ Presbyterian Church to help make this happen?

Click here to donate!

CAD drawing of new theater space: front view
Theater schematic: front view
CAD drawing of new theater: top view
New theater schematic: top view
CAD drawing of new theater: side view
Schematic of new theater: entryway
Schematic of new theater: posts and supports view
Schematic of new theater: post locations
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